As you design professional learning for a school or organization, it is crucial to conduct conversations with leadership and teachers to align your training vision with the organizational vision. In this unit, we’ll cover how these conversations can also help you gather data on your audience to incorporate group and individual goals. You will also learn how to select the best method of delivery, the right technology frameworks, set appropriate benchmarks for success, and practice review and reflection to support ongoing learning.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to align an organizational vision with a professional development vision 
  • How to determine the best method to deliver training based on the learner skills, comfort, and goals 
  • How to select the right Google tools for the focus of your trainings
  • How to differentiate modes of in-person learning and identify the appropriate mode for the audience 
  • How to Identify multiple methods for successfully conducting online and blended learning 
  • How to Identify various tech frameworks to construct a training plan
  • How to construct time-based plans  
  • How to determine and construct ongoing reinforcement of learning
What Product Skills Will We Cover?