You’ve come a long way. With a firm grasp on how to lay the groundwork for effective training, you’re now ready to discover how to plan the details of your training session. In this unit, learn how to account for the differing personalities and learning styles of those attending your session, while simultaneously collecting actionable feedback.

What Will You Learn?
  • How to formulate an agenda from a pre-session survey and the feedback of the audience
  • How to organize, set timelines, and offer flexibility while keeping perspective
  • How to differentiate training to meet the range of abilities and available technology
  • How to identify potential teacher and learner roadblocks or concerns
  • Strategies for motivating reluctant teachers
  • How to be flexible with trainees
  • How to identify various feedback mechanisms for trainer performance
  • How to reflect and revise the training plan based on feedback
  • How to set new training goals and success metrics

What Products Will We Cover?