Grow your skills with GCP

You now have access to dozens of individual products and services with Google Cloud Platform. While you have all the tools you need to innovate, learning how to use them may seem daunting. With that in mind, we’ve organized some essential training material to help you make the most of Google Cloud technologies. No matter what you’re working on, we’ve got the resources here to support you.

Explore The Basics

Product and Services

Explore dozens of tools available for your use

GCP Products in 4 Words or Less

A quick way to understand the purpose of each tool

Navigating Google Cloud Platform

A 40 minute overview for new GCP users

Accessing the Cloud Platform

Understand the differences between the Cloud Console, Shell, and SDK

Get Started


Short tutorials to help you get started with Cloud Platform products, services, and APIs.

Cloud Minute

Access helpful lessons on a range of GCP products, delivered via easy, 60-second videos.

Cloud OnAir

A curriculum of webinars and digital events to help you get the most out of Google Cloud products and solutions.

Get Hands-on Experience

Qwiklabs: Get firsthand practice working with cloud technologies and software. Train on demand and learn at your own pace. Or, get started right now with any of the following featured labs.

  • Creating a Virtual Machine
  • Getting Started with Cloud Shell & gcloud
  • Provision Services with Cloud Launcher
  • Creating a Persistent Disk
  • Hello Node Kubernetes
  • Monitoring Cloud Infrastructure with Stackdriver
  • Set Up Network and HTTP Load Balancers

Codelabs: Explore guided, tutorial-based, hands-on coding experiences. Codelabs cover a wide range of topics such as Google Cloud Basics, Compute, Data, Mobile, Monitoring, Machine Learning and Networking.

Go Deeper With Your Learning

Online Courses: Access online courses via Coursera to grow your technical skills and learn best practices at your own pace.

  • Audience: Individuals using GCP to design, create, or migrate application environments and infrastructure.
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Commitment: 6-10 hours

Documentation: Go deeper by accessing the full documentation library, including reference material.

Get certified

Earn a certification to show your expertise and help validate your skills in Google Cloud technologies.

Professional Cloud Architect

Demonstrate your proficiency to design, build, and manage solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

Professional Data Engineer

Demonstrate your proficiency to design and build data processing systtems and create machine learning models on Google Cloud Platform.