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Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboarding experience, available through a physical board, tablet and mobile apps as well as on the web. Get started today, with resources, tips and tricks from educators like you.

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Jamboard for Education

Videos to inspire you

Overview of Jamboard

Jamboard is a collaborative interactive whiteboard and app.

Google Jamboard and NC State

See how Jamboard is transforming education at NC State

Getting Started

Jamboard Pro Tips Guide

Jamboard Pro Tips Guide

Sample Jamboard Exercises

Sample Jamboard Exercises

First day of Jamboard Guide

First day of Jamboard Guide

Teachers Lounge

Tips and Tricks from teachers like you.

5 Tips for using Jamboard in the Classroom

Using Jamboard App in Education

Introduction to Jamboard App

Using Jamboard with Google Classroom

Using Jamboard on the Web

Google Jamboard Backgrounds

Angles in Google Jamboard

Adding Drive Files to Jamboard

Jamboard Prewriting in Offline Mode

Extra help (and extra credit)

Extra help (and extra credit)

Pursue your PD       

Detailed professional development in simple-to-understand steps.


Start your first day of #Jamboard

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