Welcome to your first day of Google Forms

Google Forms makes creating quizzes and grading faster, easier, automated and customizable. Get started today, with resources, tips and tricks from educators like you.

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The Basics

Video tutorials to get you started.

Get Set Up

3 ways to find Google Forms

Add Questions

Add, reorder and duplicate questions

Getting Started

Organize student data with ...

Organize student data with forms and sheets

File Upload Question Types

File Upload Question Types

Bloom’s Taxonomy Question ...

Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Frames

Teachers Lounge

Tips and Tricks from teachers like you.

Set up locked mode in quizzes

New Ways to Customize Google Forms

Inserting Images in Google Forms

Custom Form Confirmation Messages

Feedback to Responses in Quizzes

Response Validation in Google Forms

Linking Google Forms to Sheets

Password Protect a Google Form

Send Certificates to Students

Using Google Forms for Quizzes

Extra help (and extra credit)

Extra help (and extra credit)

Start your first day of #GoogleForms

Now that you know how to use Forms, there’s nothing stopping you.