Welcome to your first day of Google Docs

Google Docs saves you time, keeps you organized, and allows you to connect and collaborate with your students in real time. Get started today with resources and tips from educators like you.

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The basics

Video tutorial to get you started.

Using the "Explore" feature in Docs

Getting Started

Giving Students a Voice with ...

Giving Students a Voice with Voice Typing

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Teachers Lounge

Tips and tricks from teachers like you

Google Docs for students

Narrative feedback in Docs using Keep

Translating in Google Docs

Review comments and contributions

Create fillable lines in Docs

Make a timeline using Docs

Move and overlap images in a Google Doc

Extra help (and extra credit)

Extra help (and extra credit)

Start your first day of #GoogleDocs

Now that you know how to use Docs, there’s nothing stopping you.