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With Expeditions, teachers can bring the world to their students through the power of AR & VR, bringing abstract concepts to life.

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Expeditions for Education

Videos to inspire you

Bringing learning to life with Expeditions

Expeditions can be your vehicles for creation and exploration. Students can create VR tours and view them together through a guided experience.

The Basics

Video tutorials to get you started.

What are AR & VR?

What is Expeditions?

What is Tour Creator?

Teacher's Lounge

Tips and Tricks from teachers like you.

How to Get Your Expeditions VR Kit Ready for the Classroom

How to Teach a History Lesson Using Expeditions

How to use Google Forms as a Follow Up to Expeditions

How to Get Started with Tour Creator

How to Guide a Tour Creator Tour in Expeditions

How to Create VR Tours with Students Using Tour Creator

How to Add a Point of Interest in Tour Creator

How to Embed a VR Tour on Google Sites

Extra help (and extra credit)

Extra help (and extra credit)

Start your first day of #GoogleExpeditions

Now that you know how to use Expeditions, there’s nothing stopping you.