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With Expeditions, teachers can bring the world to their students through the power of AR & VR, bringing abstract concepts to life.

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The Basics

Video tutorials to get you started.

What are AR & VR?

What is Expeditions?

What is Tour Creator?

Teacher's Lounge

Tips and Tricks from teachers like you.

How to Get Your Expeditions VR Kit Ready for the Classroom

How to Teach a History Lesson Using Expeditions

How to use Google Forms as a Follow Up to Expeditions

How to Get Started with Tour Creator

How to Guide a Tour Creator Tour in Expeditions

How to Create VR Tours with Students Using Tour Creator

How to Add a Point of Interest in Tour Creator

How to Embed a VR Tour on Google Sites

Extra help (and extra credit)

Extra help (and extra credit)

Start your first day of #GoogleExpeditions

Now that you know how to use Expeditions, there’s nothing stopping you.