Chromebooks are easy-to-use, fast, and secure computers. This makes them a favorite for teachers as it removes the technology hassles, letting you focus on teaching and learning. Throughout the lessons that follow you will learn how to best take advantage of these devices in your classroom, from basic use and customization to integrating Google tools and services.

What Will You Learn?

In this unit, you’ll learn:

  • What are Chromebooks and how are they different from other computers
  • How to manage and take care of Chromebooks in schools
  • How to personalize your Chromebook
  • How you can integrate technology in your classroom using Chromebooks
  • How Chromebooks and G Suite for Education work seamlessly together
  • How teachers can find and assign apps to students
  • How to troubleshoot simple Chromebook issues, and where to find support when needed

If you already know this material, feel free to skip to the Unit Review at the end.

What Products Will We Cover?

Throughout this unit, we’ll be using these products. We will teach you everything, but if you’ve never used them before it might be helpful to take a moment to get familiar with them. For help, click the icons below.

What Skills Will You Need?

Throughout this unit, we’ll ask you to do tasks that require the following skills. Don’t worry; we’ll show you where to learn each skill here AND again in each lesson.

Set up Your Chromebook

Customize the Shelf

Sign In or Add Users to a Chromebook

Edit Drive Documents Offline

Using Gmail Offline

Finding and Assigning GPfE Content

Uninstall Apps from Student Devices

Navigate the Chromebook Help Center